Camp Experience

Sherman Lake YMCA Camp

At Sherman Lake I worked as a Wrangler counselor, and was later promoted to Assistant Barn Manager. In both roles, I taught riding lessons, horse safety and etiquette, basic care, and facilitated other camp activities away from the barn. (Summer 2017)

YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin

While at Manitou-Lin, I worked as the female teen camp counselor. In my cabin, we worked on becoming better leaders using the Y's core values to guide our decision making. Along with building better people, I facilitated classic camp activities for my campers. This was also the summer I got my high adventure facilitation certification, and spent a great deal of the summer running those activities. (Summer 2018)

YMCA Camp Ohiyesa

As the Guest Groups Director at YMCA Camp Ohiyesa, I did a little bit of everything (which is common in roles at camp). From cleaning and cooking, to singing camp songs to keep groups entertained, to adapting schedules on a time for weather, I was always prepared to give my groups the best experience possible. Whether it was a group of 10 people or a group of 250, I was prepared to serve and committed to every group that came onto camp. (Summer 2019)